Four Years and Counting.

On the weekend Seb and I celebrated four years together, and nearly six years of our friendship. There have been a plethora of events throughout the time that we have known each other – sometimes bringing out the best in ourselves and sometimes the worst – and this has been a huge learning journey for me. It’s amazing how much you can come to know about yourself from someone else.

Some of the more memorable date nights that come to mind when I think back to the early days of our relationship were generally at Crown. Our first Valentine’s Day together was at Nobu, one of our first lunch dates was at Cervo, and we used to venture to Kitchen Workshop and Emporio a lot. So when deciding on a place to go to celebrate our anniversary (if you will), I went with Emporio as I knew it was within budget and we have had good overall experiences there.

When we were walking towards Crown, the boo made the most amazing decision to go for pre-dinner drinks. I say amazing, because we serendipitously discovered a $10 ESPRESSO MARTINI happy hour special at the Velvet bar! Um. YES. 

They were offering this special from 5-8pm so he got us two rounds. I found the ones at Velvet bar pretty strong but still very easy to drink, and the amount they gave was relatively generous.

It was probably just after 8pm when we started lining up for a table at Emporio, and the wait wouldn’t have been longer than 10 minutes. I already knew what I wanted to get before we even sat down. I’d been craving gnocchi for the longest time and told myself to not stress because although this was going to be a massive cheat weekend, it was going to be a damn good one.

Our mains were out not long after we ordered and as usual, the portions were great and the food was super yum! About 10 minutes in, a waitress walked by our table with an opened coke bottle balancing on a tray in one hand. A second later, I feel a cold splash on my right leg and liquid trickling down into my shoe. I look up and see the waitress gaping at what just happened and noticed that the coke bottle, still on the tray, was laying on its side and still pouring out onto the floor.

I felt quite bad for her as I’ve worked in hospitality and am completely aware that accidents happen. My immediate response was to provide reassurance that I was okay as she and another waitress grabbed a bunch of serviettes to help clean up the mess. I did a quick assessment of the damage and thankfully it wasn’t too bad – the majority of it was on my leg and shoes. However, with coke being the sugary way it is, I had to do a quick clean of my new suede heels to avoid it staining too much with some soda water we were provided. To be honest, I had no idea what the soda water was for until my boyfriend told me and made me feel like a complete idiot hahah 😛

It felt a bit awkward taking off my heels in the restaurant while people were eating and shoving serviettes down them but you know, these things happen. The manager was really sweet and apologetic and offered to cover both of our meals. I really don’t like to make a big fuss of these things in public and usually prefer to brush it off and not draw too much attention, so her efforts in resolving this incident as quickly as possible was much appreciated.

After dinner we headed toward Lumia for a drink before calling it a night. When we got home, we decided on watching the movie Spirited Away! Back in 2008, I made it through about 80% of this movie over the course of a few Japanese classes and ended up leaving the school before reaching the end. I can’t believe that was nearly 10 years ago. Despite being a lot older now and you’d think, equipped with a greater ability to comprehend animated movies, I was completely lost. Spirited Away essentially encapsulates every trippy event that goes on in a child’s nightmare. Regardless, I finally made it to the end and have some closure now!


2 thoughts on “Four Years and Counting.

  1. Aw congratulations on your 4 years together! It sounds like you had a lovely evening, even with the little drink accident! I’m really happy that I came across your Instagram and now I am finally checking out your blog hehe. Can’t wait to read more of your posts ☺️



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