22nd Birthday Easter Weekend Pt.1

I’m feeling twenty-twoooooo!
On Easter Monday I made it to 22 years of life on planet Earth. This was quite an exciting one as my birthday only ever falls on Easter Monday every 11 years and this was the third time – the first being when I was born and the second time on my 11th birthday. Apparently when I was born, a group of my mum’s family friends who happen to be Christian came by the hospital to worship me (or something along those lines) as it was a significant day for them.

This year I decided on having a very chill and intimate celebration which was ideal with it being the long weekend, as a lot of people had already planned to be out of Melbourne. On Saturday I did drinks at Father’s Office in QV. They have really great happy hour specials running from 5-7pm and then again from 8-10pm, which is longer than what a lot of other bars offer in the city. If you stay past 11pm, you also get half off their à la carte menu.

The boo got me what I have newly established as my favourite cocktail – ESPRESSO MARTINI! I can’t believe I waited so long to try this, given my endless love for coffee and healthy appreciation for good drink. My first time trying one was about a month ago and immediately I declared that this would be my go-to birthday drink! Seb also went all out on the food platters for us and I think I may have had one too many of the polenta cubes. They were so addictive and the arancinis were also pretty good. Oh, and the fries – you can never go wrong with fries and ketchup.

A couple of friends got me macarons from La Belle Miette which I completely devoured in one sitting because they were that good. I got a major sugar rush that went straight to my head but hands down so worth it! 😛 The boo got me a cute little antlers necklace I picked out from Pigeonhole and a lippy at our quick stop at Priceline. I’ve been on the hunt for dainty necklaces everywhere and so far I’ve noted a few boutiques in Melbourne that stock them; otherwise, Etsy is still the best option if you’re looking for a broader range to choose from and many sellers offer personalization such as engravings of initials.

On my nails I wore Barry M nail paint in coconut! I only had to apply 2-3 coats to get an opaque coverage and it wasn’t overly gloopy. The consistency is more on the thicker side but it is supposed to be kind of like a gelly according to the product name. The main downside I have noticed about this nail polish is that it chips pretty easily. I had this issue only two days in. To be fair, I tend to use my hands for a lot of things and am the kind of person who would not do well with acrylics. Regardless, I’d still purchase other shades if they were on sale.

Stay tuned for more birthday shenanigans in my next post!


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