Minnie Miny Mo Café || Review

The name really does reflect this quaint little café hiding away at the corner of the street right across the road from the Moorabbin Station entrance. Prior to trying out this place, I looked up some reviews contemplating whether or not to go somewhere new or re-visit one of our usual spots. I was slightly concerned as the café does not have a very high zomato rating and many of the reviews that came up first gave a rating of only 1.0. Curious, I went through each one and notice that all the reviews from 8 months ago and before were quite poor. However, the more recent reviews following that were much more positive. My conclusion was that they must have done up the place or hired new staff or gone under new management, but I was hopeful and made the decision to see what it was like for myself.

When we walked in we were pretty much the only ones there, though we were a couple of hours late past the normal brunch rush hour. The café was very clean and looked like it was re-vamped not too long ago. The interior and décor coordinated very well and it had a sort of contemporary industrial theme. There was a selection of items at the front to choose from as well as a menu, from which I decided to order the spicy cauliflower fritters and an almond milk cappuccino.

The coffee was decent and it was good to know that I now have a place to get coffee if I ever found myself stranded at Moorabbin station. Despite the fact that we were the only ones there, the food did not take long to come out. There was a big ‘wow’ moment when I saw my meal. It was one of the most aesthetically pleasing plate of fritters I had ever seen and even the waiter who brought over my food looked impressed. And yes, it tasted as good as it looked. It was a very very generous portion too and I was not expecting that much quinoa under the fritters. I was absolutely stuffed by the end and had already made my decision that this café was going onto my go-to list.

If you’re going to try this place and are looking for a healthier option – don’t skip the fritters! You won’t regret it!

Minnie Miny Mo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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