Choo Choo to Sushi Hotaru || Review

Who doesn’t love eating at a sushi train? Especially when you’re starving and know that you don’t have to wait in agony for your order to be taken and for the food to come out. However, the one gripe I have about a lot of sushi trains is the price of each little plate on that train. It makes me nervous thinking that three small plates already add up past $10.

But this is why I keep going back to Sushi Hotaru. The average price every time for two people usually adds up to between $30-40, and I never leave hungry. There is always a line outside but it’s worth the wait. I love the convenience of ordering food from the iPads available and that it gets to us super quick.

We also get the takoyaki to share and the boo usually gets the soft shell crab handroll. The first time I ate here I was so excited to see that the handrolls were made into cones rather than the usual roll shape! I used to order them quite a bit. However, on our last few visits they’ve seemed to increase the ratio of rice to other fillings and it just gets me full too quickly.

My favorite go-to plate there is the seared spicy salmon nigiri and the mix of that and the seared scallop. The edamame is also pretty good value and I was surprised at the decent portion you get. The quality of the fish and more noticeably with the tuna, varies each time. During my first few visits I found the quality to be decent, though on my last few visits I’ve tried to avoid the tuna nigiri as it tends to be more veiny now.

Regardless, they have a good range of options to cater for everyone including vegetarians. I’d say, don’t get put off by the line outside (unless ur absolutely starving) and give this place a go. In terms of value, it’s the best I’ve come across so far.

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