Day 1 in Koh Samui || Thailand

At 12:40am on Saturday 17th December, my family and I departed the Melbourne Tullamarine airport and began our journey to Koh Samui. We took Malaysian airlines and had a stop over at KLIA for our connecting flight with Bangkok airways. I made sure to take my travel calm pill for the first flight as I tend to get queezy at airports and on planes. The flight itself was actually pretty good. I slept most of the way – I had heaps of sleep debt accumulated from the last two weeks of uni and work craziness! I think there were two meals on board but I didn’t eat either because I was so out of it. A few times, the flight attendant leaned over and asked me if I wanted a drink whilst going past with her cart despite the fact that my eyes were shut tight and had headphones in. From past experiences, they will usually take that as a sign to ignore me and move along. But no, this lady kept interrupting my perfectly peaceful sleep.

The landing was rough and I could actually feel the pressure building up and starting to hurt my ears. We landed at about 5am Kuala Lumpur time/8am Melbourne time and had 3 hours to kill until our next flight. Craving a comforting warm beverage, we headed towards Starbucks and engaged in our usual free wifi activities. I got a grande soy cappuccino and was slightly disappointed to find it was already sweetened 😦 I guess the usual demographic doesn’t drink untampered coffee.

At 8:50am we departed KLIA for Koh Samui. The sun was out and I was still sleepy so again, I was knocked out until landing time. When I was woken up for landing, I looked out the window and was in utter confusion. Everything was grey and I couldn’t see the pretty blue waters and tropical island I was planning on capturing on camera. At first, I thought we had been flown to the wrong place. But then I realized no, it’s just the weather. The weather is really really shit. The plane was descending and I kid you not, you could barely see anything outside the window. Everyone on board was weary of that and when the pilot managed to bring us back down on land safely, he received a small round of applause.

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Oh my god, I thought. Peering out the window, I could see the overcast sky and rain pouring down on two mini buses coming our way to collect us. Even worse, we found out that this was going to be the kind of weather we will be getting over the next few days, all the way up until we have to leave.
We were picked up by someone from our hotel. Upon arrival at the Royal Muang Samui Villas, all of us were greeted warmly by the girls at the front and we were each adorned with a band of flowers around our wrists. We were also welcomed with a refreshing sweet herbal tea that tasted very much like a less artificial version of Ribena.

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Mum, my sister, and I hopped in the back of this little cart under a plastic tarp and dad rode in the front as a staff member drove us to our room. When we entered, I glanced up and noticed we were still outdoors. Our accommodation layout is different from any other we’ve stayed in before. The mini kitchen area, private pool, table and deck chair area is all outside and only the two ensuites are indoors. In the drier seasons this would be great but as it was pouring down, it meant that we couldn’t use most of these facilities.

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For most of the afternoon we hid out in our rooms and struggled to connect to the wifi. Eventually I gave up and decided to scout out other forms of entertainment that wasn’t so technology-reliant. FYI TV here is not great. Me and Lauren went through a bunch of Ferroro Rochers out of sheer boredom and failed to find a room service menu. We all decided to brave the rain and explore a little bit of the resort later on and ended up having a bit of a late lunch at one of the restaurants. Due to the poor weather, we were the only ones in the entire restaurant. The food was relatively good. I was craving carbs so I ordered a tomato-based fettuccine dish. Lauren got a panini with fries and mum and dad got some rice and noodles.
Still feeling peckish, we headed out across the road from the hotel into 7-Eleven to grab some snacks. In hindsight, not the best idea for my fitness goals. When we got back to our rooms, I downed three quarters of the entire can of pringles. #guiltyfeels.

I’m currently sitting on my bed in one of the silky robes provided, letting my hair air-dry. I’ve just read a bit of The Power of Now which I’ve brought along to help me wind down in this peaceful environment away from the usual hustle and bustle of Melbourne. On our walk back to our hotel room, I got bitten twice on one hand by some weird looking fly and now there’s an ugly red bulge on the back of my hand. Trying my hardest to avoid being feasted on but given our whereabouts in the tropical island of Koh Samui, I would say that’s pretty challenging.
I believe we are going to the buffet breakfast tomorrow at the same place where we had lunch today. The time difference is confusing me and as I have only been able to connect to wifi at the restaurant, I’m not even sure if my phone time is correct. It currently says 6:02pm which would be 10:02pm in Melbourne as we are now four hours behind. At lunch it felt so weird because it felt like dinner time but it was only 1pm. And when we first got to our room the family was fairly exhausted and wanted to order dinner and go to bed before realizing that it was not even 11am local time.
I kind of wish I’d brought a maxi skirt or some loose hippy pants to cover up my legs. It’s something I might try and shop for here for Summer because everything boho style just looks so damn comfy! Alright. Time to spray myself with a good amount of insect repellant and find out what’s going on with dinner. TBH I would be so happy with some loaded fries right now 😀


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