more than you know.

I love you. I really really do. I am at my utmost level of vulnerability with you and the impact of your words and actions on me is dangerous. We don’t always understand each other, we don’t always agree. Our minds work and think in different ways and it can be hard seeing things from each other’s point of view. I have felt all sorts of new emotions since you came into my life. I have experienced more than I always dreamed about since we met. I make you frustrated, disappointed, and upset more than I should and every fight we have is my fault – something I did or said that I only see as wrong when looking at it from your perspective. You drive me crazy and my crazy inflicts problems onto you. I certainly don’t deserve to be loved so much by someone like you, yet you are still here and still find ways to make me smile at the end of a gloomy day. Many things you witness I’m fairly sure I made clear from day 1. I’m weak, I’m awkward, I’m fearful, I’m needy. I am undeserving of you. I miss you so much. Even when I am full of anger, I still want to feel you with me. I can’t focus on anything right now.


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