three years and counting . . .

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On Tuesday night, we celebrated our three year anniversary ♡ I can’t believe it’s been that long. Boo took me to dinner at Kobe Jones, and it was our first time enjoying teppanyaki together. I got to bring out my olympus again too, and realised it’d been so long since I’d used it properly I barely knew how to operate it haha. The weather that night was perfect! Pretty much perfect date-night weather – no wind, mild temperature, no rain.

Time is going by so quickly and it’s really making me reflect on life in general. There’s so many things I always say I want to do, many of which haven’t changed in the past few years; yet, they’re still unchecked on my to-do list. I think I need to get out more. I’m now officially 21 and in my second last semester ever at uni, and I feel like I haven’t even begun experiencing uni-life as I should know it. My sister has only been in uni for a few weeks, and I’m fairly sure she’s been way more involved and has made heaps more friends than I have in three and a half years.

I’ve always made excuses like “I have work to do” or “I need to rest” or “It’s too cold” or my most exhausted excuse, is what others may think. My fear and reluctance of being at social events is something I really have to try to overcome. Just last night I was invited to a “casino night” at uni, which I honestly thought would be boring and I’d as usual feel really odd and whatnot. But it actually turned out good, and I actually did enjoy it. If I hadn’t told myself to go, I would have missed out on all that fun. Makes me wonder about what other things I’ve missed out on just by saying no to this and that out of sheer laziness or avoidance of public transport and strangers.

On another note, my compulsive habit of digging my nails into my fingers is getting so much worse. My fingers probably look way worse than an avid guitar player’s. Oh, and my middle toes on both feet are still completely numb on the bottom and it hurts to walk – lesson learned about being on your feet for 6 hours straight in 6-inch heels! Might have to book in a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Google diagnoses it as morton’s neuroma. Dr.Google never seems to have good news for people.


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